Vodafone One Net



Vodafone One Net and One Net Express simplify everything. The cloud-based communications system connects your desk phones, mobile and voicemail, making everyone and everything more efficient and your communications easier to manage. The only problem was that the existing information about One Net was less than simple; in fact, there were 38 slides of data to digest just to find out how it worked!


Responding to a brief from the Vodafone Enterprise Team, we developed the concept and built and delivered a series of films that simplified everything, successfully showcasing the unique services that are One Net and One Net Express.


Automatically launching on the Vodafone business homepage, these films created an initial impact to visitors and have resulted in an upsurge of sales. We also consulted and advised the Enterprise Team about the channel placement of the content to ensure there was an ROI. Independent focus groups have viewed these films as more effective than the One Net and One Net Express audio and print campaigns. Subsequently, after the success of Vodafone One Net UK, an Italian version with new actors and graphical modification was produced for Vodafone Italy. Two years later, the films are still the primary source of information on the Vodafone site.