The Weather Master



The Weather Network is one of the most respected and accurate news forecasters in the world. With millions of unique visitors every day but very little content other than weather-related news, the Weather Network were looking for a more interesting way to engage with their users.


Launching in the UK during the 2014 heatwave the Weather Network teamed up with TV celebrity Ben Fogle as the ‘Weather Master’. Pendragon were commissioned by the Lexis Agency to create a 10-part series where Ben would show the British public how, no matter what the weather, there was fun to be had outdoors. As we know, the weather in the UK can be somewhat temperamental. Ben’s time was limited to four hours so going to different parts of the country was just not possible. So we decided to bring the full range of British weather to a tranquil part of Surrey…


The resulting promo film that showed Ben bracing every different weather type (sun, rain, fog and even snow) was created in one single take shot. We achieved this with the MoVI and Red Epic under the skillful hands of Director of Photography Chris Ferguson. It took 19 attempts to get everything perfect; from movement, focus pulling, dogs playing, sheep bleating, children throwing snowballs, weather choreography and line delivery but the results were spectacular. The resulting 10 films featuring outdoor experts Alistair Humphrey and Martin Yelling received over 1,000,000 views and provided a lot of exasperated parents with inspiration for the summer holidays.