Samsung Tab Active



As part of the Samsung Tab Active launch Pendragon was commissioned to create four 90-second infomercials that demonstrated how the Tab Active could be used across the Healthcare, Bluelights, Construction and Logistics verticals. The challenge was to create a series of films that would resonate with CIOs.


Instead of heading down a traditional case study route we presented the idea of a reconstruction, scenario-based infomercial told from the perspective of a Tab Active consumer. This allowed us the flexibility to focus on the key features that the Tab Active offers in relevant environments. The films were created inside two weeks and avoided some of the time-constraining challenges of public sector red tape and official endorsements.


After sourcing and securing the various locations that included a hospital film set (that had just been used for a new Brad Pitt film) and a local builders’ yard, we went about casting our actors (doctors, nurses, ambulances staff, police offices, patients and an offender), writing the scripts and recording four voiceovers that we felt were representative of the end consumer. Shot over three days, we used the Red Epic to create a high production value aesthetic. The films launched on the Tab Active website, vertical channels, partner sites and on YouTube where the videos have been played over 25,000 times. The videos have also been translated into Russian and used across several European markets.