Samsung Series 9



Samsung’s innovative new Series 9 notebook is a highly desirable piece of kit. It’s super sleek and extremely powerful for its size, representing Samsung’s premium notebook offering. Samsung’s European business arm wanted to build a European campaign that targeted young business entrepreneurs by showcasing how the Series 9 could fit seamlessly into their life.



Shortlisting over 30 potential entrepreneurial candidates, the campaign focused on two young professionals in Paris and London. Flavien Prioreau, a Parisian photographer and Hillary Gilbert, co-founder of Boom Spin Studios, were followed over a number of days. Shooting on the cinematic Arri Alexa to construct two 30-second commercials, photography and banner collateral was also created to support the distribution and visibility of entrepreneurial sites. After considering their target audience, Samsung partnered with premium social network ‘A Small World’ (ASW) to offer members the chance to win £5000 and a Series 9 Notebook by sharing their own story.



The entire ASW network (250,000 members) received HTML mailed content to direct them to the films produced. Once they were logged in they had the opportunity to enter the competition. The films were also used in retail stores and various Samsung European and Notebook YouTube channels to drive sales and to present the Series 9 as a lifestyle choice and business tool. We teamed up with Paris-based film production company Check-In Films to produce the photographer film. Filmed on the Arri Alexa we managed to get everything done inside a day despite the notorious Paris traffic.