Samsung S4 Active



What do you do when your new product has a new and unexpected market? The Samsung Galaxy S4 ‘ACTIVE’ is the tough brother of the hugely successful Galaxy S4. It’s dustproof, waterproof and shockproof whilst still being super SMART. As the name might suggest, the device appeals to those who embrace the outdoors lifestyle but, more surprisingly, to stay-at-home mums.


Samsung asked Pendragon to create European collateral for the S4 Active, highlighting the waterproof and dustproof features while targeting both the demographics referred to above. The campaign was spearheaded by two 30-second commercials featuring an extreme mountain bike sequence and an equally extreme ‘home of chaos’. Photography and online/retail banner ‘tool boxes’ were produced to support marketing activity across Europe.


The films were used across various media channels in Europe in 30-second and 6-second social media (Vine and Instagram) bite-size teasers, showcasing the robustness of the phone. We filmed the UK sequence at a location in North London using the same actor as in the biker version of the campaign to highlight that the phone has multiple uses. We ignored the cliché of not working with children or animals and are delighted to say that both were impeccably behaved on the day! Xaver Walser shot with the Red Epic to create a beautifully cinematic image.