Samsung Chromebook



The Chromebook has been described by some education professionals as the biggest change in the classroom since the overhead projector. A bold statement, certainly – but for less than £180 the ultra-slim, headwearing Chromebook is changing the way children are taught in school. Built by Samsung, the challenge was to convince education CIOs that this is the future of education.


To create a series of three-minute case study films with schools that already use the Chromebook, using honest views from both teachers and children as to how they have integrated the Chromebook into their real life.


Three highly creative films with a strong focus on the children as end users. The films were honest and insightful and acted as a powerful catalyst for the Samsung sales team to use the film as real life shining examples when speaking to other school CIOs. Almost every school that the sales team engaged with bought into the Chromebook concept.