Hyde Park Hayes



Hyde Park Hayes provides 216,000 square feet of office accommodation in three buildings near Heathrow Airport. High quality, intelligent design is integral to the Hyde Park Hayes ethos, both inside and out and the park offers an innovative, modern environment for leading businesses. We were asked to avoid all the film clichés: the ‘track and pan’ approach, the stereotypical reflection on the corporate pond, a sales team enjoying a joke whilst eating lunch on newly laid turf, instead producing a film that was refreshing and fun…and a little bit different.


Combining a plump, successful pigeon with a dishevelled potential tenant pigeon, we navigated them through the park talking to each other about why ‘the grass is greener’ at Hyde Park Hayes. We worked with the talented animation team at KeyFrame studios to create the characters and on shoot day took along two cardboard cut-outs to use as sizing reference for the frames.


Within days of the film going live, the cats – sorry, the agents – were amongst the pigeons and negotiations started for the remaining units. All were let by the following week. The film features on the Hyde Park Hayes home page and the current tenants will never look at pigeons in the same way again. Three months later the entire business park was full.