Fashion for Jewels



To create an engaging film to support the global launch of Fashion for Jewels: 100 Years of Style and Icons by Carol Woolton, published by Prestel. Carol Woolton, British Vogue’s Jewellery Editor, was keen to develop material from engaging personalities within the London scene.


It is tricky to stylistically represent a book on film without detracting from what is in the book itself. We devised the idea of accompanying Carol as she meets and interviews the big names of the London jewellery scene, enabling us to capture their working environment in a relaxed but professional light. Carol’s lighthearted interview technique gave us the ability to unstitch the subject matter, creating an authentic and relaxed premium film.


Prestel were delighted with the additional content and linked to it on their website and on the Amazon pages where the book is on sale. As Carol’s social media profile grows the film is a benchmark moment captured in time. With great reviews for Fashion for Jewels, Carol is now finalising her third book for Prestel.